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For a coherent work process it is vital to have coaching sessions in various areas which reflect back onto your business. With my expertise and experience I have established various coaching workshops; from culinary trends, stress management, customer service, communication, practical training, eliminating prejudices and in creating a healthy work environment as well a sufficiency.  


Updating of new trends. Practical and efficient work procedures. Innovative work processes. Presentation skills. Delegating responsibilities



Learning how to deal with high level stress situations which are part of daily operations in the hotelier industry. Receiving tools on non violent communication skills for establishing a healthy professional attitude.



This workshop entails empowering and encouraging staff members; in being able to delegate their own teams as well as exceed in their future professional path. By learning the tools, your staff will add to a more fluid and efficient work environment. This benefits your entire business. 



For your staff to maintain service, safety and standard quality as well as following HACCP regulations. I can be booked for refresh courses or complete workshops, if there has not been a prior coaching workshop from my side yet.

Let's Work Together

I look forward to working with you and being able to share my years of experience with you!

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